Matyas Bacsó is a pianist, singer, songwriter/composer and piano tutor, born in the Hungarian part of Slovakia and based in Colchester, United Kingdom. 
Matyas started to play the xylophone at the age of 7. A year later he moved on to the piano. Over the next 12 years he learnt to play classical music on the piano in state music and art schools in Nagymegyer (Velky Meder), Dunaszerdahely (Dunajska Streda) and Komarom (Komarno). During his studies in Komarom (Komarno), where he studied with Karoly Gagyor, he explored the music of Rachmaninov, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Oscar Peterson, amongst others. He frequently gained director praises at the end of academic years for his outstanding achievements in performance. He also regularly represented his music school at various concerts in Slovakia and Hungary and on Slovak Television in 1997. 
Matyas started to compose his first pieces around the age of 10. Although he loved classical music, he was also interested in popular and jazz music. 
Matyas started singing in 1994 after hearing Peter Mate (1947-1984), a legendary Hungarian pianist singer-songwriter. Mate's influence became predominant in his singing. 
After finishing his musical studies in 2000, Matyas started to perform as a pianist and singer. Between 2002 and 2007 he was working as a freelance performer touring around Hungary and Slovakia playing originals and famous pop-rock tunes at festivals and concerts. In 2004 he won a performing competition the 'Lyre of Guta' in Slovakia with his original song called 'Emlekezz' (Remember). After this success he entered a cooperation agreement with the community centre as a performing artist. As part of this Matyas became a founding member of the Alma Art Band. They performed live concerts throughout Hungary and Slovakia to pay tribute to musical legends, such as The Beatles and Peter Mate. In 2006 his original song 'Szulofoldem' (My Homeland) became popular in South Slovakia after it was released on CD. In 2007 Matyas took part in a grand Peter Mate tribute concert, where he worked with well-known Hungarian musicians. At the end of the same year he left his homeland and moved to the United Kingdom with the aim of learning English and studying music at university level. 
In 2009 he started his studies at the Centre for Music and Performing Arts at Colchester Institute (University of Essex), where he studied classical piano with Lesley Young (international award-winnng concert pianist), jazz piano with Andrew Noble, pop and jazz singing with Emmy Urquhart and jazz harmony with Malcolm Miles. He explored the music of Claude Debussy, George Gershwin, Herbie Hancock and Bill Evans, and absorbed the vocal style of Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter, Billy Joel, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, etc. 
In 2011 he won the Canon Jack Award for solo piano performing 'Rhapsody in Blue' by George Gershwin. In the following year his composition 'Bill's Tune' (tribute to Bill Evans) won second place in the Roy Teed Cup of Composition. Also in year 2012 Matyas graduated from Essex University - Colchester Institute, gaining a first class degree in Popular and Jazz Music. He was also awarded with the Ede & Ravenscroft Prize for outstanding achievement in his studies. 
In 2013 Matyas founded his originals band Matyas & The Hybrid Mind with band members Rich Nolan, Dave Greene and Akos Hasznos. On this project he also cooperates with lyricist, Peter Scott-Presland. The band's first EP 'The Mornings' was released on 9th January 2015. 
From 2011 Matyas started to work as a private piano tutor and since then he has become a popular piano teacher in the Colchester area. Also, in 2011 he became the accompanist of the Ipswich Gilbert and Sullivan Society. He worked with them until December 2016. In January 2017 he started to work as musical director for Theatricool Performing Arts School based in Colchester. 
Matyas also works as a session musician for Monitor Music Agency performing with various bands, and solo, all around the UK.

Currently he is working on his first album of modern classical piano compositions, which will be titled 'Patterns' and released in September this year.